Search and Expose, the people search pros, will teach you all you need to know... about doing a People Search anyway. Whether you're searching for a first love, deadbeat dad or mom, person who owes you money or somebody you'd just like to find, the best way to go about it is by doing a people search. Or is it?

We will share with you different people searches available and what makes them effective or not. Also, what is it that makes a people search a good deal; is it price, quality of the search, information retrieved? You probably guessed it, they're all correct. There are many factors that make a People Search work for you, regardless of what or who you're looking for! I'm sure we'd agree, anytime you search for something, you want to find it fast, effectively, and accurately. Take search engines like Google or Yahoo for example, if they made it difficult or took a long time to find the information your looking for, no one would use them. That might change how we obtain information, wouldn't it?

The first type of people search we'd like to tell you about, are those of the Free Search variety. These are typically search engine based people search programs. Some of the more popular ones include Yahoo! People Search, Zaba Search, White Pages and Google People Search. I know free sounds great but there's the old saying, you get what you pay for. Which in the case of free search engine based people searches, isn't much. We've conducted numerous people searches on these websites mentioned and came up with the same results every time, inaccurate, outdated, and often times just plain wrong information! The price is right on this type of people search but if you'd like to find the exact location and other important information of the person you're looking for, this one isn't even close to your best bet.

The next kind of people search is a Public Records Search. The companies doing this type of people search usually offer a free search giving you a tidbit of advice to get you tantalized and wanting more information. Once your interested they then "up sell" you on a more in depth report of what you're looking for. Some of the more popular public records search companies are U.S. Search and Intelius. These and many other public records search companies are fairly inexpensive, yet are just a cut above a free people search. You're probably wondering how can this be? This sort of people search comes from public records available to anyone. The tests we conducted provided more in depth information than the free reports, but not any more up-to date or accurate than a free search. You'd expect to get more accurate up-to-date information if you're paying for it, right? Well it just isn't the case when it comes to public records people search.

The final category of people search is called a Private Investigator Search which is by far the best kind of people search available today. The reason we're able to say this is the best method is because with this type of people search you'll receive:

-The most comprehensive information available anywhere

-accurate information that is current and up-to-date

-personal service insuring your satisfaction

-verified reports guaranteeing the information you receive is 100% correct

Private Investigator Searches are head and shoulders above any other type of people search report. They are conducted by companies such as Search and Expose with licensed and bonded private investigators. Your personal private investigator goes to work on your behalf conducting diligent research using public records and more importantly private records, accessed through a special program only available to private investigators. These private records expose many of the hidden facts not provided by free search engine or public search records and it's 100% legal. The cost of a private investigator search are typically two or three times the cost of a public record search, however the information is hundreds, if not thousands of times more valuable! One other important fact to consider is, when you utilize a private investigator search, you get a live person who is going to verify that the information searched and exposed is accurate and the person you're searching for is found. It is peace of mind knowing you'll have this precise information gotten for you, saving you hundreds of hours of time, research, and money. So if you're looking to search and expose quickly, effectively and properly the first time, every time, people search using a Private Investigator Search today!

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