'PEOPLE SEARCH' IS HUGE! FACT: 30% of all searches on Google and Yahoo are people search related - and Growing! This is a quick guide to finding people and information about people for free. These free and instant people search methods sometimes require a little work and patience. However, they do work, and usually work well. When searching for information on someone, you want to have as much information as possible on hand. Even if you only have a name, you can sometimes find out quite a bit about a person.

To get started with the most basic name search, go to the people search page. If you have other data to search by, select the appropriate type of search on the navigation menu on the left or use the links across the top and bottom of each page. From email search, to address search, phone number search, and even personals searches, we have all the people search bases covered. Many of these services are free. The quickest and easiest way to perform a people search is by using Free and Instant People Search. You may be amazed at the amount of info you can find out about a person. Simply enter the name and state of the person you are searching on. You will be required to register by entering your name and email, but it's a small price to pay for free people search results.

When searching for information on someone with a generic last name like Smith or Jones, enter as much of the full name that you have, and use quotations. Also, enter additional terms for city, job, or any other information that may be related to that person.

Find lost family and friends with a people finder. A free people search finds people based on first and last name, and state of residence. Some of the results on this search are not free. You may need to use the paid service in order to deep search on the person you are looking for. If you do not want to use a paid service, try the free people search.

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