One of the many things that the Internet has made easier is finding people we have lost contact with. Some folks look for a lost love and some would like to find a college buddy. Whatever the reason you may want to find someone, the Internet abounds with free people searches that can make the search quick and easy.

Police use people searches to find criminals, missing persons and ex-cons that have jumped their parole. Businesses use people searches to perform background checks on prospective employees. Lawyers have been known to use people searches to find heirs.

But are free people searches really all that they say they are? Can you really find someone using the Internet? The answer is simply "yes", you can, but you should know what results to expect.

Free people searches can return basic information on a person like an address, phone number or even an email address in some cases. Even a work history may be obtainable. The truth is that the results you get from a free people search might be somewhat out of date and, thus, incorrect. The information may even pertain to a different person with the same name.

Free people searches are only privy to the free databases available. These databases may contain old information and that is what you will be getting from a free people search service. If you really want to use a free search service, it is suggested that you use several and compare the results for accuracy. Even then, you still may be left wanting.

For a small fee, paid people searches can access recent or more current databases of information. For this reason, a paid service can be more rewarding in the search results than free people searches. Not only will the information retrieved be current, but paid people searches offer more detail on the people found. The results can include things like an address history, work history, current address, phone number, cell phone number and many other items not open to you with a free search.

The fee you pay is usually insignificant and some sites offer unlimited searches with a membership. Still others will give you access to the database for a specified period of time. This could be as little as a week or as long as a year depending on the site you join. The membership term is not nearly as important as the quality of the information you retrieve.

Free people searches are usually done on sites like Yahoo or Google. These searches can be good if you have the first name, complete last name and the current zip code of the person you are searching for. Just put it into the search box and the results come back. Again, the quality of this information is at risk. By paying a small fee, you can access much better information that is recent and accurate.

So if you don't mind poring through old, outdated information that was probably current 10 years ago, then a free people search is for you. Like they say, "you get what you pay for".

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